Keep Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy

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Homeowners often forget that tree pruning and tree trimming services are essential for the health and perseverance of your trees.

Proactively take advantage of our expert tree pruning services during hurricane and tornado season to prevent limbs from falling and damaging your home or property. Contact Snowbarger & Sons, LLC in Independence, MO, Leawood or Kansas City, KS now for your tree pruning consultation.

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Why is tree pruning so important?

Tree trimming and pruning may seem pointless. But on the contrary, the benefits of routine tree care are important. Not only is this vital for the health of your trees, but taking care of your foliage can also enhance your home's appeal and even increase your property value.

Regularly scheduled tree pruning services can also help:

  • Improve your home and landscape appearance
  • Decrease the risk of falling trees or limbs
  • Promote new and healthy growth
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Remove dead branches before disease spreads
  • Reduce the weight of branches on your tree
  • Provide clearance and improve tree structure

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